Thursday, August 12, 2010

Savings Village Model- a new concept to boost rural economy.

This model was successfully invented and implemented by me in Kannauj district's two villages; after that there were more success in many other villages. For this model, i selected Recurring Deposit scheme of National Savings Schemes. Then i opened accounts in each house of the selected villages, with the help of R.D. Savings Agents. Every house of selected village get saturated and covered with this scheme. This big initiative was started by me in Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh province during my posting as District Savings Officer in this District and this model was finally implemented by National Savings Directorate, U.P. in 2004. This model is helpful in making the rural economy, STRONG. This model was also published in India Today Magazine, Hindi Edition, dated- 27 December 2004. This is a good model and can be easily implementable. [ UPDATE: "Operation Savings Village [ Operation Bachat Gram ]" has been re-launched in August-2012, in Etawah; details at Dainik Jagran ] Also visit e-paper of Jagran on page 03.]

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