Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stop fighting on the name of Religion and religious places

We always give importance to religion and religious places and fight for these on the name of God but have you ever thought that whether God lives in religious places. I think, not. Religious places are just worship places where we pray; here existence of God is in the form of His energy or power just like internet or power supply. Power house, the centre of energy is located at one place but power supply runs through wires; if you need electricity then you have to make connection with the wires. In the same way, the server of internet is located at one place but connection exist everywhere through static or mobile phones or computers [with modem]; if you have to connect with internet then you have to connect with it through phones or PC's. So, it is clear that religious places or religions are just the ways to reach or find God. Controller of the Universe is the same coz sub-atomic particles have no religion which are the basic parts of plasma in the Universe. We all have the similar origin as well as ending of life. Humans must never fight for religions or religious places; EACH AND EVERY RELIGION IS RESPECTABLE AND IS THE WAY TO GOD.

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